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Military Service Discrimination

Are you a veteran who was denied reemployment by your employer upon return from active duty?  Do you believe you were treated unfairly by an employer due to your military service?

Call today for a free consultation -- the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Kmoch may be able to help.

Our veterans deserve to be treated fairly by their employers and not be penalized for serving their country.

The federal Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) requires the reemployment of service members upon discharge from their military service and prohibits discrimination on the basis of past, current, or future military obligations.  The Illinois Human Rights Act (IHRA) also prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of current or former military status.

USERRA generally requires employers to provide returning service members with the same or substantially similar job and, significantly, to reemploy them with the same seniority and benefits that they would have earned had they not left for active duty.  This could entitle returning service members to job promotion, amongst other things.

Attorney Jeffrey Kmoch has extensive experience litigating and counseling on matters involving USERRA and employment discrimination.  If you are a returning service member and being denied reemployment or believe you were terminated or otherwise mistreated on account of your military status, call today for a free consultation.

Statutes of limitations and deadlines to file administrative agency charges apply to employment discrimination claims, so time may be of the essence.

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