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Disability Discrimination

Do you believe your employer terminated you or treated you unfairly on account of a disability?


Call today for a free consultation -- the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Kmoch may be able to help.

Individuals suffering from a physical or mental disability deserve equal employment opportunities.  If a worker can do the job with or without a reasonable accommodation, they are entitled to equal treatment from their employer.

The federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Illinois Human Rights Act (IHRA) both prohibit employment discrimination against individuals living with a disability (physical or mental).  Under these statutes, employers must provide qualified employees with disabilities equal access to employment opportunities offered to others.  


In broad terms, these laws provide that employers cannot treat an employee with a disability less favorably than others in terms of hiring, selection, promotion, training, transfer, pay, tenure, discipline, discharge, or other aspects of employment.  Employers may also not harass or create a hostile work environment for individuals with disabilities.

Attorney Jeffrey Kmoch has extensive experience litigating and counseling on matters involving disability discrimination.  If you believe you have been terminated or mistreated by your employer on the basis of your disability, 

call today for a free consultation.

Statutes of limitations and deadlines to file administrative agency charges apply to employment discrimination claims, so time may be of the essence.

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