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Review of Existing Employment Agreements

Do you have an existing employment agreement and need help understanding what you can and cannot do under its terms?

Call today for a free consultation -- the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Kmoch may be able to help.

Employment agreements commonly include non-solicitation, non-compete, confidentiality, trade secrets, moonlighting, invention assignment, and other provisions that may limit what an employee can do during and after they leave their employer.  


These provisions can restrict where individuals can work, whether they can contact former clients, whether they can use information learned during the course of their prior employment, and what they can say to their former colleagues and co-workers, amongst other things.

Individuals subject to employment agreements may benefit from having an attorney advise them before they take action to help avoid or mitigate risk of breaching their agreement’s terms. 

Attorney Jeffrey Kmoch has extensive experience counseling on employment agreements of all sorts, including those containing provisions regarding non-solicitation, non-recruitment, non-competition, confidentiality, moonlighting, invention assignment, ownership changes, compensation, and benefits.

If you are subject to an employment agreement and need help understanding what exactly you can and cannot do under its terms, call today for a free consultation.


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